Saturday, May 15, 2010

In for a checkup

I've spent the last five days free motion quilting on my Blue and Yellow String quilt. It's been really hard to manage because it is so heavy and I was having lots of problems and I feared that I would give it a heave and then everything came together and all was well... but last night I ran into trouble and my machine made a loud clunk and I had to stop sewing.., I had to put it in for a checkup and possibly repair...double aaarrrgh. ...

So, while I was dropping off my machine, of course, I bought myself a treat. A metre each the three fabrics (only 5.99 mtr!)in the photo and a lovely Ricky Tims Rhapsody Shopping Bag to bring home my new fabrics. The shop (It's Sew Time) has a wonderful selection of fabrics and I especially love the batiks.

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  1. Hope its just a small owie for your sewing machine. I agree with a small treat to perk you up. Nice choices.


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