Saturday, April 24, 2010

Katherine's Snowflake

This pic shows a quilt I made in March of 1998. It is a design by Trudie Hughes. I made it for my niece Katherine who was nine years old at the time. She is now 21 and has just finished her first year in Pharmacy at Dalhousie University. This quilt has been on her bed since it was made and is faded and worn but still beautiful.


  1. thats very pretyy. I am not a floral person, but I have to say that the floral in the borders is lovely.

  2. Wow Linda. I've never been to your blog before. Thanks for leaving a message about my Maritime Beauty on my blog last week. I am so impressed with all your work. I love your left over quilts. I love it that there are other Maritime Quilters who blog. I'll be following.


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