Sunday, January 3, 2010

Sorting Scraps....OMG!!!

Well, the last two days I have spent many hours sorting scraps of fabric into colours so that I can start my string quilt. I have lots and lots and also ended up with three large bins with tiny scraps for crumb quilts. That is my plan for 2010. Use up all my scraps so someone else doesnt have to worry about all the bins of fabric scraps I have collected. My motto in 2010 is "Use it or lose it"! We will see how that turns out!


  1. that is such a good idea "Use it or Lose it" My resolution is to finish my UFO's for sure...but I do have this scraps bin that is overflowing (I guess I have two now) and I decided I wanted a postage stamp quilt one of these days so I started cutting these little 1.5" squares I think I cut for about 3 hours or more and didn't seem to get anyway - this will be a long time coming LOL
    Good luck with yours

  2. A few years ago, I did just what you are doing. Used up ALL my scraps. I made pattern plans and precut them into appropriate squares and strips. It actually felt good to be done with them. I do still have scraps precut into needed sizes, but I've used a good many of them without having to stop and cut. Instead of 4 or 5 bags of scraps, I have one small container. At the end of the year, I cut all of those into scraps and strips and start accumulating again with this year's projects.

    Just as the other poster, I am also making a postage stamp quilt. However, most of my 1.5 inch squares will actually be speed pieced from 1.5 inch strips that I've been saving. I DO have a lot of little 1.5 inch squares though.


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