Sunday, November 29, 2009

Shopping in Moncton

Had a quick trip to Moncton last Friday and visited "The Fabric Cupboard". What a beautiful quilt shop. Makes me wish I lived in Moncton. The staff there was very, very nice. Lots of awesome quilts hung from the high ceilings and a wonderful selection of fabrics. I wished I would have had my camera so I could have taken a pic to post. I bought 2 Moda charm packs. They were on sale at "buy one get one free". couldnt resist that!! Also bought three different metre cuts of light batiks. 9.99 a metre. Not bad.


  1. Hi Linda, that sounds like a great shop you visited and buy one get one for Moda stuff is such an excellent find - good for you...are your prices generally 9.99/m in ON as here in AB they are more like 15.99 per meter + for fabrics

  2. Hi Val,

    Here in Halifax, N. S. we do not have a quilt shop anymore!! They have all closed in the last few years. The only place I can buy fabric in the city is at Fabricville, and they range from 9.99 to 15.00 but not top quality. So I must travel distances to visit a quilt shop. Thank heavens I have a substantial stash!!


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