Thursday, March 6, 2008

Mike's Quilt

I started this quilt about 7 years ago in anticipation of Mike's retirement from the Canadian Navy.
He keeps changing his plans on when he will retire and as of right now he still is not sure when he will stop working. But still I must finish this quilt. I have just started the handquilting.
Mike's favourite colours are navy blue (of course) and gold. The centre medallion is a Mariners Compass design from Judy Mathieson's book.The fleur de lis in the very centre of the Mariners Compass represents Mike's Quebecois heritage.This was hand appliqued. The stars in the corners of the next border depict the six NATO deployments he sailed. The Storm at Sea border was paperpieced. The last border with the partial Mariners Compass blocks represent his wife and three children. The cross-stitch block at the very top is the Canadian Navy's insignia. It was stitched by a friend.
When someone asks Mike when he will retire he says "Soon as Linda finishes my quilt!"
I better get a move on.
Photo to follow. I will post the photo of the unquilted top

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