Sunday, June 14, 2020

"Aviatrix" is now off The List

I bought the pattern for "Aviatrix" by Elizabeth Hartman a few years back.  I sewed it up into a top last July and quilted it during Stay the Blazes Home May.  Another one off my mind and also off my list of  "I have to make that quilt" quilts!

I used Elizabeth's Winter Palette. Because I'm a winter!  The solids were all from stash.  If I didn't have the exact Kona colour I used one on either side of it on the Kona Colour Card.  I did have to buy a bit more of  Robert Kaufman Essex yarn-dyed linen blend in Steel for the background and I had plenty of the Kona Snow for the block accent fabric.

I really enjoyed sewing this pattern.  The instructions were very good I made a point of slowing down and making sure that each border was measured perfectly before adding.  It sure was nice to get to the end and not have to square it up hardly at all.  It measures 80" x 80"

I started the free motion quilting in the centre block and then quilted each successive border in turn. That worked really well.  It gave me lots of time to figure out what I would quilt in the next border. A ton of quilting and I was worried I would not get the usual crinkly, soft goodness that I love but it did not disappoint. After a turn in the washer and dryer I have a huggable, snuggable quilt for me.  

I used Aurifil 40wt  #2610 Light Blue Grey on top (except for white areas)
in the white areas I used   Aurifil 40wt  #2024 White 
In the bobbin  Aurifil 50wt #2615 Aluminum

On the back -  "Fragile" by Zen Chic  
Binding  -  Kona "Gotham Grey"    




Hope you had time lately to finish up some projects.  😊


  1. Wow!! Gorgeous. Your quilting is superb. Congratulations on another finish.

  2. Congrats on your fabulous finish, Linda!! It looks like you had a TON of fun with the quilting, too. I can't begin to imagine how much thread was used in all that quilting!

  3. OMG, Linda - your QUILTING!!! Phenomenal.

  4. 😱 Linda. This is amazing, outstanding, beautiful and I do believe you outdid yourself. I love this 😍😍😍😍

  5. What a beauty! I can see why you needed to scratch the itch to make this one. Congratulations on a fabulous finish :)

  6. It looks great. Kudos on getting it quilted.

  7. Great to have this stunning quilt completed and off the list...

  8. Gorgeous. And yes, the quilting is dense but it looks super and I can see the puffiness which I love too. Congrats on your finish. xx

  9. It turns out great. Congrats on the finish.


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