Friday, March 29, 2019

The end is in sight!

My next finish in my "Golden Oldie" quest is this hand appliqued gem.  It is from the pattern called "Garden Window" by Carolann M. Palmer 1992. 

I blogged about working on this quilt in March of 2010 saying that it was probably 5 years previous since I started it so that would make it 2005ish!  
I remember that I used fabrics that I had dyed myself.  I also only made 9 of the 12 blocks in the pattern and I set it differently than the original pattern as well.  I also omitted the appliqued border.  I loved how the background of each block was a different quilt pattern,  You can see dresdan plate, drunkard's path, log cabin etc. peeking out from behind the flower sprays.   I freemotion quilted each block differently without much forethought.  I just waiting until I got to the next block before I figured out what to quilt. 

65" x 65"
And yes, all those hand dyed fabrics bled like crazy so it was into the Dawn Bath for 15 hours and all was well.  No screaming this time!

Here's a few closeups.  I still have to remove some of the basting stitches from the appliques.  

I am working on my last "Golden Oldie" and then my quest is complete. The end is in sight!   So happy and proud of myself! And so happy to have your encouragement along the way.  It kept me going. 
 I will be moving on to new projects soon.  I am off to my quilting retreat in a week and it was my goal to finish my quest by retreat. 

Have a quilty weekend!  😊


  1. WOW! Congrats! That was a lofty goal and you are almost there! You go, girl!
    LOVE everything about this quilt- the awesome quilting, the soft colours, the flowers (of course, being a gardener!!) It is a beauty!!

  2. This quilt is a stunner! And your quilting is super! Yes, you are certainly meeting your goals. Way to go!

  3. You. Are. Amazing! And so is this quilt!

  4. Well done my friend. It's a great finish. You're almost to the finish line with your golden oldies.

  5. I love applique and I love hand dyed fabrics so I think this is just gorgeous. And I think your version is nicer than the original - that appliqued border looks a bit too fussy to me. Your simple border shows off your blocks beautifully. xx

  6. I'm drooling over all the great texture in that dense, fancy quilting!


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