Friday, October 20, 2017


My three talented quilting friends, Lesley ,SheilaKaren and I, aka,The Nova Scotia Quilting Bloggers Quartet, recently participated in the 10th Nova Scotia Fibre Arts Festival in Amherst last weekend. (No, we don't sing, we just make quilts!)
l-r  Karen, Lesley, Me, Sheila

We set up our little quilt show in the main lobby of Amherst Town Hall and spent two days talking everything quilty to visitors.

We had a great time, spending quality time together for a few days.  We won't see each again until next June probably.
 Our little group likes to do quilty challenges. One time we made cushions using curved piecing.  Another time we made a project that incorporated an embroidered motif.  And of course, our awesome round robin quilts. I couldn't get a good shot of our Round Robin quilts because we had to hang them in a very narrow space.  I think our little quilt show was quite the satisfying challenge for us. We all enjoyed and there may be some talk of doing it again sometime. 

Fabric Seascape by Sheila  

More of Sheila's original fabric stitcheries 

I hope you had time today to create.


  1. What a great show you all put on, thanks for sharing the pictures. xx

  2. Such an awesome display by your four talented ladies....

  3. Excellent recap of our weekend! It was so special!

  4. Great photo of the four of you. Sounds like you had a great time.

  5. Love the Art and Color, really apprecaible.


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