Tuesday, May 23, 2017

What's Happening

Today I am sharing some projects that I have made in the past little while but have not shown on my blog.  Lately I tend to do quick shares on Facebook or my Instagram and then neglect to post to my blog as well.  Since my blog is my online scrapbook I want to be able to look back and see most everything I have made so I need to catch up!

First, I made three wallets from the pattern called "Necessary Clutch Wallet" by Janelle of Emmaline Bags, a Canadian company.  

This one is made from turquoise cork fabric with a sprinkling of silver and my coveted Katarina Roccella print, Doiland Gloss in Silver.  

Each wallet has twelve credit card slots, three pockets and one zippered pocket.  My cell phone fits right in the centre.

Not sure of these fabrics but I do know they are a few years old.  

This one is made with three prints from Sarah Golden's "MakerMaker" line.

I am making myself a messenger bag to match the last wallet.
I will be back soon to show you a few more small projects.  I am off now to cut out the pattern pieces for my new bag.

Hope you have time today to work on something special.   😃


  1. Brilliant - I love those and am off to find the pattern! xx

  2. Yikes, these are gorgeous!! Partly due to the fabric selections you made for each one and hugely due to your skilled workmanship.

    I love the Maker Maker line - the blend of linen and cotton is fantastic. She has a second line coming out later this summer and it looks to be a good one. :-)

  3. Love the wallets; they turned out so professional looking - great job!

  4. Brilliant - I love those and am off to find the pattern! xx



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