Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Some Quilty Happenings!

Some fun quilty stuff coming up soon for me.

On March 19, I will be teaching my free motion quilting class at Patch Halifax.  It's always fun to pass along what I have learned about FMQing and see how thrilled beginners are with their new skills by the time they go home.

April 7 - 9  I will be sewing my little heart out at the 2nd Annual Maritime Modern Quilt Guild Retreat to be held at White Point Beach Resort, Hunt's Point in southwestern Nova Scotia.  Here's a virtual tour of the resort you can check out if interested.  Maybe you would like to join us?  You can come for the weekend or just for the day.  Get in touch if you need more details.  I am very excited to get away for a "Me" weekend.  The resort will be filled with quilters as Quilt Atlantic will be held at the same time.  Lots of quilty goings on! Quilting is alive and very well in Nova Scotia!

April 29 -  I will be presenting my trunk show at the AGM of Ocean Waves Quilt Society being held in Port Hawkesbury, N.S.  I am honoured to be asked and hope all will enjoy.  I will also be teaching my freemotion quilting class for beginners. Ocean Waves Society has about 150 members and they meet 4 times a year. You can read about the society here.  I'm sad to say that it's been over 30 years since I have crossed the Causeway to visit Cape Breton Island so this is a real treat for me.    

May 13 & 14 - Krista Hennebury, aka Poppyprint, will be visiting and teaching two workshops at my lovely little guild, MMQG.  I will be attending the workshop that is called Speed Dating. A fun class
to help with your improv skills. There are still spots available for both workshops so if you are interested in one or both please get in touch.  

This is the Sunday class

 The other workshop is called
 "Quarter Round"       This  Workshop covers accurate cutting, perfecting a scant 1/4" seam allowance, accurate piecing without pins.    

This is the Saturday class

Well, that's it for now.  I am a busy quilter for the next while.  

Have a great day and I hope you get to do something quilty today!  


  1. Wow , that is a very busy calendar but all good , the kind of calendar a gal like you would like to have. That's great news you are going to teach on the Cape , they will love you . Enjoy each and very event 😊

  2. WOW! Lots of fun stuff on your itinerary! I'll be seeing you at White Point as I'll be teaching at the Quit Atlantic Retreat! Can't wait! :)

  3. Gosh you have a fun and busy time ahead of you! Hope it all goes well!

  4. If only I had a passport and some spare cash! I'd love to jet up there for a retreat! Maybe some day. 😊 Sounds like you've got quite the lineup, I bet you'll have oodles of fun!

  5. Wow! A lot happening and it sounds exciting. Have fun!!

  6. Almost too much! My head would be spinning! I just might be back in time for your trunk show! Fingers crossed! XO

    1. What!?!? 30 years since you've been to Cape Breton? Oh, my goodness, Linda!

  7. You are on fire! Ive been talking you up at Patch, told my students they HAD to have a class with you on FMQ. You are the best! So excited for retreat! a whole weekend with Linda! Woo Hoo!!!!

  8. Your fmq students are SO lucky! You're the best teacher EVER! Can't wait to spend an entire quilty weekend with you, at the retreat!!

  9. Busy, busy 🐝🐝. Enjoy each and every day doing what you love.

  10. You most certainly will be busy! Have fun. xx

  11. SO much fun to be had! Have a wonderful time at all these events!

  12. SO much fun to be had! Have a wonderful time at all these events!

  13. what a great assortment of quilts...


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