Sunday, January 22, 2017

My Selvedge HST tutorial

I have a request to show how I made my latest selvedge quilt 
(Hi , Lin!)  So here goes.  Hope you will give it a try.  

How to make Half Square Triangle Blocks with Selvedges.  
Or... how I make them anyway!

For my latest little quilt (36" x 36" )   I made 13 faux HSTs

First,  gather your selvedges.  For this project I used my low volume ones.  I usually sort all my selvedges into colour families but they look great when sewn together randomly too.

Next, press and sort.  

For the foundation, I used 9 1/2" squares of solid grey fabric.  I use this size because it is the size of my favourite ruler.  You can make your squares whatever size you want. 
Draw a line across the diagonal in one direction.  The line will be covered so don't worry about it showing. 

Choose the first selvedge you want to add, making sure it extends at each end.  Place it directly on the line, pinning if you desire, and sew very close to the edge.  I used a dark grey thread but you may prefer white thread.

choose your next selvedge, again making sure it extends past the edges at both ends.  Position it so that it covers the previous selvedge by about 1/4 " and sew very close to the edge.  If you are making several blocks you can chain piece too!  

Keep adding selvedges until the surface is entirely covered.  

Time to trim it up even with the foundation square

And now you have a perfect Selvedge HST to make any number of different designs.  

Hope you enjoy sewing up your blocks and make sure to share your creation with me.


  1. Great tut! Love the touches of pink with the neutrals!

  2. I have a drawer that holds selvedges, but have never sewn with them. Thanks for the tutorial!!!

  3. Awesome idea, I will have to remember this! Thanks for sharing! 😊

  4. I was expecting something complicated. ha ha ha It's a great technique. Maybe I need to start sewing with my ever-growing pile of selvedges.

  5. Thank you for the tutorial but sadly I have just given away a shoe box full of salvages...

  6. Lovely quilt Linda. Do you sew both edges of the selvage or leave one free?

  7. Brilliant Linda! Thank you very much, just what I needed to see. xx

  8. Thanks for the great tutorial. You made it look easy..

  9. Linda, I cannot believe how simple you have made this! I don't collect selvages but whenever I throw one away that is kind of unique I always do so with a tinge of "what if I kept this?" Thank you for the tut. Now it will be even harder to toss the selvages.... you may have started something here! (When you cut your selvage, to keep, how wide to you cut - looks to be about an inch or so?)

  10. How did I miss this delightful tutorial!? Well done! XO


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