Monday, February 2, 2015

Making Nova Scotia Proud!

Have you seen Karen Neary's new book?

I just received mine in the mail.  What a gorgeous book!  With a CD included!  

I have made 4 of Karen's patterns and I must say they are so explicit and every thought is given to making your experience a success.  The patterns appear to be complex but step-by-step they are very doable, even for a beginner.  


  1. Thanks, Linda. I appreciate your support a great deal. I am hoping you try out some of the patterns, cos I know you will knock them out of the ball park.

  2. What a lovely book. Will look for it in my LQS and if not there will see if the owner can bring some in.

  3. Thanks for sharing. Karen's work is amazing!

  4. Thanks for sharing have to have a peek at this book. Wow, have to say you wowed me with your trunk show! Did you make all of these quilts and if so how old is the oldest one? I see you too did the sew along with A Needle Pulling Threads, I love that quilt. I have to machine quilt mine and it is finished. I love that pattern. So much talent in Nova Scotia.

  5. Isn't she something? I haven't bought her book yet, but do have one of her patterns that I'll be making for my daughter this winter. Thanks so much for sharing. XOXO


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