Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Fun with Vinyl

Have you ever tried working with fusible vinyl?  I bought some to give it a try.  I wanted to make a placemat for my Mum and Dad to use on their kitchen table.  For Dad, I chose a crossword puzzle themed fabric, he does the puzzle in the newspaper every day.
 And for Mum, who loves to do cross-stitch, I found a pretty fabric that looks like it has been stitched.
 First, I cut two 12" x 18" rectangles of  each of the fabrics.  Then adhered a heavy fusible interfacing to the back of each piece.
Then I followed the directions on the package of fusible vinyl and added a piece to the right side of each of the rectangles.  Then simply sew the rectangles , right sides together,  leaving a large opening to turn right side out and topstitch around the perimeter and done.  They love their new placemats.

Because vinyl sticks to mostly everything, it is a bit difficult to sew.  I had recently purchased the Pfaff Roller Foot
because I had read that it was a great alternative to a Teflon Foot for sewing vinyl and leather and also is great for using when sewing on fabric that has been cut on the bias.  I have an addiction to presser feet and my collection is growing,  I tried the Roller Foot and it worked great! Lovely and smooth.  No sticking problem with the vinyl at all.

Hope you had time to get some sewing done today!


  1. You are making such thoughtful gifts! They will love them...perfect choices for the fabrics. Have fun with your new foot!

  2. That is a cool foot! I have sewn bibs with laminated cotton and it was tricky and sticky! I wonder if Bernina has such a thing. To Google I go!

  3. You are adventurous ... sewing with vinyl. The placemats will be a big hit - I especially like the crossword fabric.

  4. What wonderful gift ideas you came up with for them!! I have used the vinyl in the past, but have not used the fusible vinyl material yet. Was it easy to apply?

  5. those look great... I have never heard of a roller foot... amazing what they come up with....

  6. Wow! They look great! I have tried vinyl but not fusible vinyl. Very neat idea for placemats :)

  7. So the vinyl is fusible? Do you iron if? I'm confused and impressed all at the same time!


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