Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Quilty Feedback

I was very pleased to hear that a few fellow quilty bloggers had sewn up my very first published pattern, "Colour Columns Cushion", which was printed in the Fall issue of Quilter's Connection magazine.  How nice is that!

Marjorie and her friend spent time together and made one each.  Sounds like fun!  
Here is Marjorie's cushion top made from Christmas charms, all quilted up and looking great.
Marjorie's cushion

Here is Karen's rendition.  Love it! Look at her lovely FMQing.  She is making her cushion for her daughter.  
Karen's cushion 

Thank you, ladies!  So nice to know that you enjoyed making my little pattern. 



  1. How fun! I've been trying to get my hands on a copy of that magazine, but no luck yet.

  2. very pretty! How fun to have people making your pattern! Such a great design!

  3. I hope you still have time for your unpublished friends now that you are famous. LOL Well deserved recognition.

  4. Beautiful pillows the ladies made from your great pattern!

  5. Nice work, Marjorie and Karen...and great picture of you, Linda!

  6. Very cool! Making great stuff and inspiring others to do the same!

  7. It was fun to make!! There are more in my future!


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