Friday, October 3, 2014

Sheila's Postcard Swap

Another one of Sheila's Postcard Swaps has come and gone for me and my partner.  Pauline in UK was my partner and here is the postcard I sent to her:

And here is the postcard that she sent to me, it arrived yesterday.  Thanks to Pauline for being my partner. Love it!
As you probably figured, Fall was the theme of the swap. 

I love participating in Sheila's swaps.  It's the only swap I  get involved in.  Everyone does such a great job making these little works of art.    And I now have a wonderful collection of fabric postcards.  When I get time, I plan on making them into a nice display in my sewing room. Thanks to Sheila for organizing the swap and I can't wait for the next one. 

I have finally finished my Toothbrush Rug.  I started work on it this past June.
It took a lot of fabric strips to make this. I could have kept going and it would have been bigger but I had enough and just wanted it done and on the floor.  It looks really nice by my front door.  It measures 36" round  

Hope you found time to do something quilty today,


  1. Really like your fabric postcard, great quilting. The scalloped stitching around the edge looks very pretty.

  2. I like your toothbrush rug. Lovely postcards that you and Pauline swapped.

  3. A rug like that is on my someday list. I think they'd be fun for the entry area of our trailer.

  4. Both postcards are fabulous.. Like you I love participating in Sheila's PC swaps....
    Great tooth brush rug..

  5. Great postcards by both you and Pauline , so glad you both joined in . Love your toothbrush rug , how neat !

  6. Loved seeing your postcards. i haven't made any myself lately and miss completing these little fun things.

  7. Those mushrooms look like magic! Not THAT kind of magic! Just total cuteness


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