Friday, June 13, 2014

Amherst is still Awesome!

Here you see Karen Neary's original design quilt (valued at $3000.) that is one of two grand prizes at the Festival.  Make sure to get a ticket!
This past Wednesday, the most amazingly beautiful Nova Scotia spring day, RetiredHub, #1Daughter and I headed to Amherst for the official launch of the 7th annual Nova Scotia Fibre Festival.  This festival is held in October every year.  This year the dates are the 14th - 18th. 
I decided I wanted to be there to represent my lovely little guild, the Maritime Modern Quilt Guild.  My lovely little guild will be participating in the Fibre Festival this year. Very exciting!   We will be doing a two-day display of our members' work.  Our display will be held in the Town Hall, Festival Headquarters, Friday, Oct 17 and Saturday Oct 18.
 Our president, Adrienne of Chezzetcook Modern Quilts and I will share the leadership on this adventure, along with a few of our members who will make sure our display is wonderful.  Just wait until you see our guild banner! At our meeting last night, we planned how it will look and everyone is taking part in the completion.  What fun this will be.  My part will be to do the machine quilting.  A bit nerve-wrecking for me, but I can do it!  It will be unveiled in time for the Fibre Festival. 

I only had a very short time in Amherst, but of course I visited Mrs. Pugsley's Emporium (which is a hop and a skip away from Town Hall).  I hadn't been to Mrs. P's since last October so I was trying to make up for lost time and became a bit overwhelmed with all the fabulous fabrics etc to look at.  I managed to come away with a few things but  I left lots behind for others. And by others, I mean Karen Neary.  We planned to meet but we didn't plan that I would fall in love with the exact same fabric and I would have to share!  But share I did and if you read Karen's latest post here, you will see what else she bought. (Which I now have to have!)  ohhhhh fabric envy!

Here is what I ended up with. 

Love all the quilt pattern names!

Love scissors fabric

A idea of what was in this charm pack. 

This is a French text by STOF ... beautiful hand

Had to add to my MM Mirror Ball Dot collection.  This one is my absolute fave.
Not a bad price for almost a jelly roll of fabric.  Each Scrap Bag is different.

Just an idea of what was in the Moda Scrap Bag -  36 x 2 1/2" WOF strips

Aside from buying fabric, I am also working on one of my Library Challenge quilt tops, "Hugs and Kisses" by Jaybird.    Here's just a little lookey because I have only just started to work on it.  It's not a big piece so shouldn't take long to finish up. I am freehanding my feathers so each one will be a bit different. 
Hope you have time to get some quilting done today. 


  1. What a haul, Linda!! And your feathers are great! I love the colors, too!

  2. Hi Linda
    Love your blog. Am very excited about the Modern Quilt Guild coming to Amherst.Pleasure meeting you.
    Mary Farrow Sinclair

  3. Wow , lots of excitement . Your fabric haul is wonderful , one of these days I will have to get to Amherst . Great sneak peak too :-)

  4. Oh my golly! I loved this post....your enthusiasm is contagious and I will definitely plan to visit your display. As for your new fabrics, they are awesome. I really like the variety in the scrap bags...beautiful fabrics all around!

  5. mmmmmm...great fabric haul! I know where I will be going in October :) So excited to get started on our show planning.

  6. You're making me want to drive to Amherst to check out Mrs P's. Honestly, as if I need any more fabric! :)

  7. Beautiful fabric! I really love the Wishes collection. Love your quilting. I haven't been daring enough to try free motion quilting yet.

  8. I've never been to the Emporium before, but based on the fabrics you came home with, I think I'd still be there. I wonder if she allows overnight guests? How do you decided between so much incredible fabric?


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