Friday, April 4, 2014

Scrappy Cushion

I can finally say...It's seems like Spring today.  A beautiful sunny day.  Not warm but I will take it!  It's above zero.
Hope to get a walk in this afternoon.  This morning I spent time finishing up my scrappy cushion. You can read about how it all started here  It is so cute and I just love it on my new sofa.  I think I will have to make a matching table runner for the coffee table. I just realized that not all the muslin squares that I used were the same but that just adds to the charm.  Scrap-a-licious!  I added a 2" muslin border to each side of the block and then layered it with a lovely off white scrap piece of a good quality quilter's flannel.  Then I quilted straight lines, in free-motion, in the ditch and continued into the borders.  First time I tried doing the FM straight lines and I just loved it.  I will definitely be using this method in the future.  This may be a solution for quilters who find that using a walking foot when doing straight line quilting is causing puckering.  Keep your eye on where you want to go and not on the needle.   Give it a try.  See if you find a difference. 
For the back, I used a piece of muslin leftover from another project.  I took the simple route and made the back envelope style and perked it up a bit by topstitching down a cute little ribbon covered in owls, on the overlapping piece.  cute, cute, cute.

Hope you are getting some quilting done today!


  1. Love the pillow, especially the owl ribbon, sewn on the back. You should definitely make a table runner, to match.

  2. It looks great Linda... I thought it was HST but see it isn't - very cool. Yes, I am have done the stitch in the ditch in a fmq way too - once! - and was impressed with how it went - well worth a try. Love that ribbon on the back - a nice touch.

  3. Very cute-love your pillow! Oh, someday I will spruce up my house with some sewing!

  4. What a sweet cushion. Funny how this winter has made us think that above zero feels like Spring. I just took the dog out and there were snow flakes. It will be Spring as we remember it before you know it. Hmm I think I've been saying that since Feb ;)

  5. Very sweet pillow Linda , you created a little masterpiece with those scraps and the ribbon really adds to it .

  6. It turned out great! what a fun way to use scraps.


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