Sunday, March 23, 2014

The Library Project Challenge - March update

I am enjoying this challenge so much.  The idea being to challenge yourself to using patterns from books in your very own library.  I have 5 quilty projects on my challenge list and I am currently finished the first two and working on the third one. You can tell that my theme so far has been "colour" and that was a challenge I gave myself. I adore colour but never seem to be brave enough to go that extra step.   I feel a lot more comfortable with it now.  My #4 project will not be as bright as the first three though.  I had planned on doing #4 in Christmas fabrics, but that has changed now.  I have decided to use the Lucy's Crab Shack by Sweetwater.. fabric that I have been collecting for a while.

Here is my update on my challenge projects.
#1. "Slices" -  now a sewing machine cover

#2. "Basic Puzzle" - now a cuddle quilt on my new sofa

#3. "Hugs and Kisses" - now in flimsy state, waiting to be quilted. 

I am anxious to get started on #4,  "Diamonds" From "Fresh Impressions" by Allison Jane Smith

I am linking up with Adrienne at Chezzetcook Quilts for the monthly update. 


  1. Miss Productivity strikes again! Loved seeing those Kaffe prints in person :)

  2. Wow Linda - have you been busy! All such great projects - love your Hugs and Kisses quilt, and great idea to turn the Slices into a sewing machine cover. Your Puzzles quilt looks great on your couch, and can't wait to see your next project. Ya know, there are still 9 months left this year!

  3. I love how basic puzzle turned out - you have great picks and amkign so much use fo your library!

  4. I love the pattern for your next quilt and I can't wait to see your version. I've always admired your use of colour. It's been fun seeing you push yourself even further with it. The results have been extraordinary.


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