Thursday, October 24, 2013

What's Happening

I love fabric scraps, I love selvedges, and I love snowmen    Sooooo....inspiration hit me when I was cutting up some assorted scraps using my Accuquilt hexagon die.  I decided to trace around the shape on the die with a metallic sharpie so to see them better and look....doesn't this just scream Snowman?
  So I stopped what I was doing and started this new project. (not unusual)  I already have lots of hexagons cut but nothing that said snowman, sooooo.....I spied a selvedge block that I had sewn up a while back and decided to see what that would look like cut into hexagons.....

 Here is the result....I am calling this little wallhanging..."Leftover Snowman"   The selvedges are the epitome of leftovers and the border is leftover quarter square triangle blocks from my Bonnie Hunter's mystery quilt 2011 "Orca Bay"   You can see in the photo where I used them for the star points.  Even the binding was a leftover piece from another project. 

"Leftover Snowman"
I started a new quilt. 

 for my only Uncle, on my Mother's side of the family,  I told him a long time ago that I would make him one but just didn't get around to it.  The time has come.
I am using  two fat quarter packs of homespun plaid and check  cottons that have been lurking in my stash,  that I purchased several years ago at The Calico Basket in Bridgewater, N S.   It has been closed for a few years now.  It was such a great quilt shop.  I loved to go there.

I combined the homespuns with a really good quality muslin (leftover from another project)  and for the backing I have a wonderful off-white quilters flannel extrawide that I fell in love with yesterday at FabricVille.   .  Should be very cozy.  The only sewing plan I have for this quilt is that it be simple and quick. I am just sewing rounds so not that difficult.   I am aiming for throw size but who knows how big it will end up.    So first thing I did was to cut up all 16 fat quarters on my Accuquilt cutter. The only larger shape die that I have is the  4 3/4" square that is meant for use on point.  A bit shy of usual charm square size but I went with what I had.  Here is what I have sewn up so far. It's very bright and sunny  in my kitchen this morning so the photo is quite washed out. 
Hope you are having fun with fabric today.  I am linking up with The Needle and Thread Network.  Stop by and check out all the Canadian goodness happening this week.


  1. Love the snowman , what a wonderful creative idea , aren't you clever . Your new quilt is perfect for a man , love those fabrics!!

  2. Love the fabric in that quilt! it looks so cozy and inviting!
    And what a great idea for a snowman!!

  3. The snowman is very cool! ;) And the homespuns wonderful!

  4. Your snowman is so handsome! What a great idea. Your homespun quilt is terrific...will be nice and warm and cozy!

  5. Linda, that snowman is the cutest thing!!!! I've fallen in love with selvedges, so I may just have to make this little guy :*) And I love guy quilts made out of homespun plaids. I have made several for the guys in my family and they love snuggling in them. Your uncle's quilt is going to be wonderful!

  6. I love your quilt and the snowman!!

  7. Love the snowman and the plaids quilt. I should be saving you my selvedges! I know I will never use them!

  8. Your snowman is just terrific and the plaids will be so appropriate.

  9. Great looking Leftover Snowman wall hanging and I'm sure your uncle will be so pleased with the quilt you're making for him.


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