Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Whats Happening

The past long weekend was just what I needed. Soooo relaxing.   Nothing planned, except an awesome quilt show on Saturday and lots of sewing on Sunday and Monday.
First I sewed up a shopping bag with carrying pouch.  I bought the kit at the quilt show in Pictou.  The bag is reversible.  The hook and ring was included with the kit as well as tracing paper to enlarge the pattern.   

 After that I decided to sew up a quilt top from a pattern that I won in a giveaway last year.   Just a little peeky because I want it to be a big surprise for someone special who just may look at my blog from time to time.  The 2 1/2" squares are from a jelly roll that a friend had cut from her own stash.  Over 5 years ago.  Some of it is Debbie Mumm. 


RetiredHub was in the Canadian Navy for forty years and he still uses the sewing kit that he was issued when he first joined in 1969.  He got it out today to sew up his favourite working- in- the- yard- pants.  Don't know how well his stitching will hold up since that thread is pretty darn old..almost 44 years.

I am linking up with The Needle and Thread Network, so stop by and check out all the wonderful creating that is going on this past week.


  1. I just couldn't resist commenting tonight, Linda. I just packed up my parents house after my father passed away last winter. He enlisted in 1949 in the army and I found his original stitching kit, complete with needles and thread. I'm sure the thread would be rotten by now too. In the last few years, he has been the primary caregiver for my mom, our seamstress. As such, he had been known to sew on a button or two recently but there were a couple jobs he asked me to do. I found some wonderful vintage airplane fabric to create a sewing kit for my son when he went off to boot camp and college. More than one of his buddies let me know that they thought that was pretty cool. I just thought it was a nice way to let him know we were thinking of him when he was far away.

  2. Love the bag! And I can't wait to see more of that sweet quilt.

  3. My dad was never in the service but he did show me how to sew on a button. I'm thinking that the thread may be OK. Look at all the garments that have lasted (not to mention quilts.) Great looking reversible bag.

  4. Really neat bag Linda, have to admit I did not see that kit on Saturday . I didn't know your hubby could sew ;-)

  5. Love that bag! Have fun at the quilt show.

  6. what a great bag! The quilt is looking very pretty, too!

  7. Hi Linda, Thanks for stopping by at my blog. All my family are maritimers (NB & PEI) so I love your part of the world and much as I love my little corner. I think the bag is reall cute. You reminded me that I had bought a bag kit with red work...hum another WIP and a portable project, FUN. Have a great day.


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