Friday, July 12, 2013

Something new

My blogging friend, Jeanette of    Stamp* Stitch* Create invited me to her card making class which took place today.   I was very excited to attend because I have admired her card creations for a while and thought that I would enjoy making some myself...and I was right, it was a lot of fun.  She had four designs chosen to recreate.  I needed help getting started but soon caught on.  I really enjoyed the process and would do it again.  I don't think I can handle another hobby but if I didn't have quilting and knitting I think I could definitely be a stamper.  Thanks for a really enjoyable morning, are a wonderful teacher and hostess.  I just love my cards!

Wonder which one K.B. will receive for her birthday?

I also bought a new postcard stamp from Jeanette, to use on the back of my fabric postcards.  Just in time too, because I am participating in Sheila's postcard swap and I have my partner's postcard all ready to go in the mail, just need to get it addressed and off it Maryland in the US.  I will have to wait until my partner receives it to show online so more on that later.


  1. Be careful - stamping can be quite addicting! And your partner better get busy with her postcard. It's on the agenda for this weekend!

  2. Hi, Linda! My postcard is ready to mail, too. Can't wait for the big 'reveal'. Making cards is fun. My daughter has that gift (and a craft room full of stamps and gadgets). It's fun to visit with her and play with paper for a change.

  3. Your cards are lovely and I might just get hooked if I tried that hobbie.


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