Friday, July 5, 2013

A Great Day

Just got a horrible blog was hacked!  Took a while and a lot of anxiety but I am back up and running.  Darn old hackers!  Get a hobby!!  oh wait...that is their hobby. 

Had a wonderful time today.  The Annapolis Valley was absolutely stunning today.   My sisters and I hit Avonport Discount and left with three bags full.  Quilty Sis collects scissors and found the sweetest pair of Ginghers embroidery scissors to add to her collection.  Knitty Sis bought several sets of large wooden decorative buttons to use on her knitted creations.  And me, well, you will see below. 
Quilty Sister on the left and Knitty Sister on the right. 

two more Kaffe's for my collection (I think I already have these but they were 4.00/mtr

A few more from Kate Spain's Flurry to top off my collection of Christmas fabrics

I can't resist a swirly pattern. 

Made in Japan

a few more 30's

I can't resist a dotty fabric, especially in pink

Lucy's Crab Shack. a great buy, 9 fat quarters for 18.00 

This is a 3 metre piece of 108"wide backing fabric that I found in the sale bin.

After the fabric shop in Avonport, we headed in to Wolfville and visited a yarn shop called Suzie Q's Boutique and Yarn Emporium.  A lovely small shop with a delightful owner. Both Sisters bought yarn for more scarves and a cowl.  I also bought three balls of yarn,  one for a cowl, the turquoise in the centre and the other  two for ruffly scarves.

It sure was fun to spend time with my sweet sisters.  My daughter tagged along too. She doesnt quilt but someday, maybe someday, she just might give it a try.  fingers crossed.


  1. That's terrible that you were hacked. Can you tell us - is there something that we should watch for to prevent it from happening?

    I'm glad you could finish off your "not so good" week with some fun with your sisters. I'm sure that brought your spirits up!

  2. Sounds like a fun day! I'm heading to Halifax tomorrow for the Tattoo! Don't think there's time for an Avonport stop! :(

  3. Oh what a fun shopping trip!! Sorry about you blog being hacked. What a major annoyance.

  4. Glad to know you got your blog sorted out , being hacked is horrible! Sounded like a perfect day in Avonport and wow you found some really wonderful fabrics !!

  5. I have three sisters and I am the only one addicted to fabric and yarn:(. You are very lucky to be able to share this hobby with your sisters!!

  6. What a great day! You found some lovely fabrics, and had a nice Girls' Day out. Good luck with daughter.

  7. It sounds like you had a great day despite the nasty hackers.


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