Wednesday, June 26, 2013

What's Happening?

I haven't been doing any serious quiltmaking lately.  I have just been fooling around mostly.  I have a ton of selvedges that I needed to get sorted into colours.  My quilty friends in Saint John, N B, save them for me.  How nice is that!  I started making some blocks with nothing special in mind right now. 

Here is some of the sorting I have been doing. 

I finished making the tablerunner that I won at the quilt show in Westville.    It sure was a fun little project.  The kit is made and sold by KittyKat Kreations.

Two more Dear Jane blocks completed...lots more to go.  

This is a piece of retro fabric that I bought at a fabric store. I am very sure that it is authentic.   Any one recognize it?  Is it 30's?   It is printed on a glazed cotton.  The colours of the dresses are very vibrant.  Love the high heeled shoes strewn about.

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  1. You have been a very busy quilter! Love your selvedge blocks...and your runner is beautiful! Your Dear Jane blocks are perfect...and that fabric is adorable!

  2. I have a collection of selvedges as well , just have to decide what to make , those blocks look great . Congrats on finishing the runner Shelley would be proud of you :-) interesting fabric you found but I can't help you with a year , nice find !

  3. I am loving your selvage blocks Linda!!

  4. Your blocks are neat! Love that vintage fabric - I used to check VVillage all the time but after a while I just had to stop-I can’t imagine how I will ever use even a portion of my fabric stash as it is. More is not the answer for me! lol have me thinking maybe one little trip in to the store tomorrow couldn’t possibly hurt, right?? So many treasures waiting to come home with me!

  5. Love what you've done with the selvages - I save them as well. Would love to see the finished item.

  6. I love seeing what others do with selvages.


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