Saturday, May 4, 2013

What a Day in Mahone Bay!

Quilters were lined up, waiting for the doors to open at 10 am this morning, at Trinity United Church in Mahone Bay, N.S.  I was probably 25th in line.   The Mahone Bay Quilters Guild was having their Yard Sale. And what a sale it was.  My head is still spinning.   My mission was to track down the two Featherweights for sale that were mentioned in the advertisement (thanks Karen). I  have been searching for a Featherweight for a few years .  When I entered the large room filled with tables piled with quilters remnants, fat quarters, books, patterns, everything quilty you could imagine.  Laurie Swim was there too.  I bought 3 large bags of scraps, that were  from Suttles and Seawinds.  Each bag was $2.00.  I got a large bag of precut  diamonds from Suttles.  That was 10.00. There must be 700 triangles! There were so many amazing buys.  I stopped at the first table, lots of vintage buttons and laces and then as I glanced around the room,  I saw them....two sweet little Singer Featherweights. One was complete with case and that was 200.00 but the other one caught my eye.  It was a 221, made in 1955 in the US.  It didnt have a case, but I fell in love with it.  It sews like a dream, just needs a new belt.  I asked how much, and when she said 75.00, I said "SOLD".  So needless to say, I am a happy quilter today. 

Then it was off to visit Suttles and Seawinds shop.  The fabrics and quilts are no longer in the Barn.  They are now upstairs in the main store, second floor. It is a wonderful place, lots of eye candy.   There is one small room that holds clearance fabrics.  That is my favourite room.  I found these four Kaffe fabrics for 5.00 a metre. And I bought a scrap bag stuffed full of large chunks of nautical fabrics.  I just cant resist the scrap bags. 
It was a lovely day.   Now with all these amazing  scraps I must make something new.  I think my quilty mojo is alive and well!


  1. What a great find!
    How is it working?!?

  2. Sounds like you had a great day! A few of us from Digby were planning to make the trip over for the sale and then something else came up and we weren't able. Maybe next year! I didn't realize that Suttles had changed their buildings. Looking forward to a visit there this summer!


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