Sunday, May 19, 2013

My first postcard!

Well, this is the first postcard that I have made, that I am pleased enough with to send.   Although, if I ever do lettering with my machine again, I would not use variegated thread.  Learned something new.  I also have to fine tune the edging more so that it looks a bit neater.

 I won't say who will receive it...that will be a surprise.  It is all addressed (somewhere in Canada)  and just waiting for a stamp.
I hope that whoever receives my first postcard will show it on their blog  so we can all see where it ends up.

PS: The little fabric scraps I used to make the postcard are from the mystery quilt I am making 
called "Darlene's Mystery Quilt" .  I am currently working on Round 5. More on that at another time.    


  1. Such a true Really cute card.

  2. Linda, your postcard is wonderful! You are so there anything that you can't do? I still have to do Part 4 and 5 of the Mystery...maybe next week!

  3. It is just lovely Linda , well done ! Will be watching to see who the lucky recipient is .


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