Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Project Complete!

Katherine (L) and Lindsey (R) showing off the completed rag quilt.

We finished up making the rag quilt for Lindsey's little boy (who is just turning one year old).
It was a lot of fun helping the girls.  I mostly supplied info and problem solving and they did all the sewing and clipping.  They already have their next project lined up.  They are both going to make dog beds.  Katherine is getting a new puppy in a few weeks.

I won this lovely, very well made,  gift bag in a giveaway by  Heather at Books and Quilts. The fabric is really pretty, with vines and little birds. The closure tie is a very nice piece of  green ribbon.   I am going to use it to store my hand held scanner and recharger that I need to use at work.  How fancy!  The other girls I work with will be wanting one as well. 
You should check out Heather's blog.  On Tuesdays she does a post on her quilting progress and things that she loves to pass along to other quilters. I have been following Heather for a few years now and I have learned lots.  She knits too and makes some wonderful projects.   

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