Saturday, April 13, 2013

Antique WiPs

While doing some scrap sorting, I came across a container that I had stuffed to the brim with scraps and blocks that had been gifted to me.  Very old scraps and blocks.  I am not an expert at dating fabrics but I will say that a lot of the scraps are from the 30s and 40s.
The first photo shows 19 - 9" handpieced blocks that are stained and smelly.  The second photo shows the scraps that were included with the 19 blocks.  There is enough of the muslin,  which I think is flour bag, along with one of the prints, to make another block so I would have an even number, as I would like to sew them into a quilt.  They really are too special to me not to do something with them.  The lady that made these has passed away many years ago.  I did know her when I was a child, so I think she would like it if I finished her project. 
Notice the blue and yellow print in the lower right corner....That is the original print and I have the same print in my reproduction fabric collection.  How cool is that!!

This pattern was started, all the pieces for the dress and hat were traced and cut out. I don't plan on continuing on with this pattern but I will use all the pieces for something else

This dresden plate was started and left unfinished. Not very many of the blades were already cut, but there are lots of scraps to cut more if I decide to make  several blocks.

Found several of these butterfly blocks complete with template made from a magazine page. 

Love this butterfly.  There was only one already appliqued but I have lots more if I want to make some more blocks.

A different butterfly, just one. 

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