Thursday, March 7, 2013

On the mend

2 of the 6 rows sewn together so far. 

I have been down for the count for the past four days.  Horrible chest cold. just  Horrible.  On the mend now.  Feeling a lot better right now.  I decided to try a little sewing to take my mind off things.  I was inspired the other day by a blogging buddy (thanks Terry!) She was working on a project that consisted of embroidered blocks that needed to be finished up.  It reminded me that I had 30 embroidered blocks that my Mother had stitched a few years ago and that I had put off sewing them into a top for long enough.  These are 18" blocks and I am setting them 5 x 6 so it will be a nice large quilt.  (approx 90" x 108") .
The pre-stamped quilting design has almost disappeared so I will be tracing a new one on as I handquilt it.  Didn't care for the pre-stamped design anyway.  
This is the fabric I will use for the binding.  Very old but perfect!
Mother loves to embroider, nothing complicated, nice and easy stitching.  This is the fourth embroidered quilt that she and I have worked on together.  

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