Monday, February 4, 2013

My First Finish for 2013!

Finished - Feb. 2013  

Started September 1997!!
Yes, that's 15 1/2 years.  Wow!!

I was not a lover of hand applique when I started this Block of the Month way back in '97.  Actually, my skill level was very low and so was my patience. I had given up. But this quilt ended up being a collaboration between myself and my BQFF Kathy from Saint John, N. B.

  She is an "appliquer extraordinaire" and took pity on me. A few years ago,she generously offered to finish the applique for me so that this quilt would not be neglected and would eventually be completed.  When she finished the blocks I sewed the top together and then started the handquilting...few more years and it is now a Completed Quilt.  Just took it out of the dryer and it is very soft and cuddly. It measures 60 x 74.  Thanks so much Kathy for all your help to make sure that this quilt was a finished project.    Thing is, I made two other hand appliqued quilts in the meantime.  Oh well, go figure!

Look at those pointy leaves...Great job Kathy!


How old is your oldest UFO? 


  1. Your quilt is stunning! So glad your BQFF was able to help you along. Together you created a masterpiece and a wonderful project between friends. Sorry, but my oldest UFO is probably less than a year, since I started blogging! If there were older ones in the house, the dust bunnes must have taken them away!

  2. It's beautiful! I love the fall colors! :0)

  3. Just beautiful Linda , I am so glad your friend helped you out and did the appliqué , it is stunning and your quilting is beautiful too! Ok if I am honest I have a quilt in progress since maybe 20 years , it is the bluenose and somewhere deep in the closet sits the blocks waiting for me to decide I should finish it . Pretty sad huh but I really was not into quilting then in fact not at all .

  4. Congratulations! Beautiful quilt. You picked great colors back then! I have a UFO that was for my daughter's 18th birthday - she will be 32 this year (maybe I'll have it done in time for a future grandchild's 18th).

  5. Just beautiful and it is wonderful that you have a friend that helped you finish it.

  6. such a gorgeous quilt! so glad you finished ... so i could see it. doe is have a name? i'd like a pattern. my oldest ufo is 6 years old. i may never pick it up again.

  7. What joy to post a 'finish'. I would guess that my oldest ufos and a couple of Christmas tree quilts that I started at least 10 years ago. i think that I stopped when I realized I didn't have enough backing fabric. as If I couldn't have bought more, or pieced them, but that never occured to me.


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