Friday, December 14, 2012

These are a few of my favourite (quilty tools) things!

I was thinking that you might like to see my Top 5  favourite quilty things.  These are the things that I am in love with. Some are old loves and some are new. 

 1. Accuquilt GO cutter - Retired Hub bought this for me about a month and a half ago.  I really never wanted one but since I now have it, I am using it all the time.  I love it.  I keep it open, on a table in my sewing room, and fill it with scraps as I sew.  So much better than throwing scraps in a bin to collect and then resort.  I only have one die right now but a little elf told me I will probably get a few more for Christmas. 

2. Hedgehog -  I think that is what this gadget is called.  My Quilty Sister brought this from Holland, probably 8 years ago.  They are available in Canada now.  I couldn't live without this little gem.  It will pull out the tiniest tip of a quilting needle that would otherwise be lost in the layers. 

3. Oliso iron - I have gone through a lot of irons over the years.  This one is the most expensive iron I have ever bought but I got it for a great price at Costco.  I love the weight of it and I love how it hops up when you lay it down.  No need to stand it up.  It's a great steamer too. Awesome for ironing yardage.   I also have the Rowenta travel iron that I use when I chain piece.  It's the best when working with small pieces.  I use the Rowenta when I am working on Bonnie's mysteries.

4.  Karen Kay Buckley's Perfect Scissors -  OMG these scissors are amazing.
Karen Kay Buckey's Perfect Scissors (small)
They certainly are perfect.  I have a pile of scissors but these are by far my favs. Especially the curved ones
Karen Kay Buckley's Curved Scissors
.  I love how they help when you are cutting away from an applique.  I purchased both pairs from Cindy Threadworks in B.C.    (I am not affiliated in any way) Cindy has amazing customer service by the way.   I just wanted to let you know how wonderful these scissors are.  They are so sharp and also they are serrated so they grab the fabric and aid in cutting.  

5.  TrueCut Sharpener.  This is an amazing tool.  I have been using the same blade for my rotary cutter for several months.  I have sharpened the same blade many times.  .  I have certainly cut down on expenses for new blades.  This sharpener is expensive at the onset but I think it makes up for it over time.  Blades are megaexpensive!

TrueCut Sharpener                


  1. Thanks for the review on these products I own none of them but they all sound wonderful :-)I am intrigued by the gadget your sister bought you , can't quite figure out how that works .Those scissors look great and well I would love to have a decent iron I spend a small fortune on them and have not found one yet that I like , better check those out .

  2. Hi Linda,
    Great reviews, I haven't seen hardly any of those tools! Those scissors look awesome, might have to source those out.

  3. So which die for the GO! do you have now that you use to cut all your scraps with?

  4. Great tools. I too wonder what die you have. I have the go baby cutter but don't use it enough! I think we should meet somewhere and you could practice using your blade sharpener on all my nicked blades. Does anyone else run their cutter over stray pins like I do? Thanks for the reviews!


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