Saturday, October 13, 2012

Amherst is Awesome V

Today ended the 5th Annual Nova Scotia Fibre Arts Festival in beautiful downtown Amherst Nova Scotia. I had hoped to visit yesterday but due to work issues I was not able to make it. So I headed out this morning. It was sunny and cold and the fall colours were amazing. Mostly yellows, golds  and oranges with a dash of red. My daughter, Nicola, came along and we had a lovely day. We visited several of the noted stops along Victoria Street. Lots of quilty goodness!  I didn't get any nice photos worth posting,  mostly because of the reflections on the windows of the shops.   We stopped in to visit Deanne Fitzpatrick's Rug Hooking Studio. I am always in awe when I see her work. I just love the paisley skies in some of her designs.  Someday I am going to make a hooked rug.  Someday......  

I also had to stop by and say hello to blogging buddy, Karen Neary, of Sew Karen-ly Created.  She was in the middle of teaching a group of lucky quilters how to recreate her amazing design ,Roundabout Again.  Someday.......

I did get a few souvenirs.  NSLC (Nova Scotia Liquor Commission) and Jost Winery presented a commemmorative bottle of Marechal Foch and an equally lovely L'Acadie Chardonnay in honour of the Fibre Festival.  What a nice offering.  I also snagged several fat quarters at Dayle's.  Also, a lovely sturdy totebag that Nicola claimed as hers.  

I have attended the last 3 out of 5 Fibre Festivals and I will be returning next year for sure.  

Amherst is Awesome!


  1. I have to agree, Linda: I was at the workshop but had my head down sewing when you came t the workshop. It was so much fun to meet the bloggers I have been reading, putting faces to the wonderful stories that you all share on your blogs. It was delightful to visit Amherst for this festival and I am sure I will be back.

  2. I didn't make it to Amherst, but we went to the Valley today and I had 20 minutes to check out the fabrics at Avonport. Loved it, bought quite a bit in that limited time, but will definitely visit again.

  3. I sure wish I could have made it , it sounds wonderful and next year for sure !!! Glad you enjoyed your day Linda :-)

  4. I managed to get there on Friday! Fabulous quilts and lots of opportunity to shop at the quilt vendor and at the bazaar. I will definitely go back next year and will have to think about taking a workshop. As you say, Amherst is awesome!

  5. It was so nice to meet you in person Linda... I wish we had had more time to chat. Karen's workshop was fabulous and we all had a wonderful sewing week-end.

  6. I also was at the workshop and I follow your blog..not sure how I got started doing that but I do enjoy it. 5 of us from the South Shore went to Amherst and we really enjoyed Karen's class.

  7. Hi Linda..thanks for visiting. I did get a type of I had a friend print one up for me just from a picture on line. He has a program that prints up like a negative. I took it in o staples and had it enlarged so I can make templates...Haven;t started it yet though..but I think it will work..thanks Linda.


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