Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Knitty Sister to the Rescue!!

Daffodil Stitch Tea Cozy
The final score....Linda 1 - Tea Cozy 0

 I defeated the Tea Cozy!  I won!   Took me three whole years, but I hung in there, didn't give up, took a lot of ridicule, experienced sabotage, cried, cursed, and then last week I asked my Knitty Sister to  help me finish the darn thing!! I had finally succeeded in completing one side and figured I would never get the other side finished so that is why I asked for help.  Last resort!  Oh well, it is finally a completed project and no longer taking up valuable space that can be used for other UFOs.  I do love it .  So much!

I intended to make this tea cozy as a gift for my Quilty Sister.  But I am keeping it for myself, after all that Tea Cozy and I  have been through. 

The pattern is from Madame Weigel's Cushions and Cozies Volume 6 from 1937   I found it on Ravelry. 
The yarn I used is Lanett Superwash
Guess I should just stick with scarves and dishcloths.  Anything with shape and I just dont get it.  The family calls me "Bumbleknit"!

I am linking up for WIP Wednesday with Monika at The Needle and Thread Network.  Stop by to see what everyone is working on or has finished up.  Lots of talent and inspiration.


  1. i have lately fallen in love with some of the knitted tea cozies out did a fabulous job...sometimes the things we make are just better off to stay at home with will drink tea and look and remember your determination it required to finish it

  2. Good for you persisting and winning , it was well worth all the cussing , it is just adorable Linda !!

  3. love your tea cozy Linda. This trip is going to be a bit of everything. The Amish will show us farming and church service..having a picnic with them....but the quilts are what interest me...dinner theaters; all sorts of things going on. I can't wait!

  4. the saying here is, better done than perfect... oh and that nick name? better than being called noknit, or worse, nonit...hahaha, I love the tea cozy, I have a tea pot that needs one, but I think I will do a quilted one...

  5. I love it:) It's adorable and I want one.....I would never even attempt trying to knit one though...there would be too much swearing.

  6. Oh Linda, it is just too cute! The colors are perfect! I don't blame you for keeping it.

  7. What a DEEVINE tea cosy! Love it! Is there a pattern?

  8. Great cozy, and congrats on persisting. And anybody who calls you Bumbleknits merits a bumbly knit Christmas gift (and you get to keep the money you'd have spent on their gifts!)


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