Saturday, August 4, 2012

Discovering Pictou...

I love how the tartans of Nova Scotia, Cape Breton, PEI and New Brunswick were used.. The background for the sky was tiny log cabins and the ocean was storm at sea blocks  Very creative.
 Can't believe it....I have lived in Nova Scotia my whole life (almost 60 years)  and I had never visited Pictou!  Well, I corrected that yesterday and I am so glad I did.  The Hub and I drove (I do all the driving) the 83 miles to attend the Northumberland Quilt Guild's annual quilt show and sale.  It was held in the DeCoste Centre in downtown Pictou, directly on Pictou Harbour.  It was very hot, humid  and windy (OMG my hair was huge!)  We enjoyed the show very much and The Hub was feeling very quilty and examined all the quilts and then voted for his favourite.  I was shocked when he told me which quilt he really liked the best.  I didnt get a pic to show you but it was a pinkish/yellowish colourwash type.  He thought the colours and the quilting were superb!!  Who knew?  I thought royal blue was his fav.  The lighting wasnt the best in the auditorium where the quilt show was held but I did get a few photos to show you.  Handquilting was very popular, which was nice to see.  The prices for handquilted bedsized quilts were very affordable.  A very traditional Nova Scotia quilt show.  I met up with Sheila of Sheila's Quilt World and we had a great time checking out all the quilts and gabbing and then of course visiting the vendors. Thanks for taking time to meet up with me Sheila. So nice to see you again.   I also met an old quilty friend from years gone by. So nice to see her.    I was lucky to find a fat quarter of a fabric that I needed to finish up a quilt, so that made me very  happy. 
Ship "Hector" 

We ate lunch here. 

Love Honeybee

The workmanship was perfection on this quilt

handappliqued and handquilted   Beautiful!

handquilted silk quilt

I love a sampler and this waa well done.  Handquilting was amazing.

The Hub and friends!  (The pineapple quilt was my fav.  It was mesmerizing with lots of movement  and you didnt even notice the applique border until you looked for a few minutes.  It was beautiful! Wish I would have taken a better picture of it. 


  1. You really got some great photos Linda and I enjoyed our little chat and quilt visit ,a lovely day . Nice to meet your hubby as well ,wonder if I took a picture of his favorite ?

  2. Ah, Linda, what a lovely quilt show! I'm glad you posted about it. I wish I could have gone. Only time I've wandered into Pictou was to catch the ferry to PEI. Speaking of PEI, I just love the maritimes quilt and the use of the tartans!! Very clever, indeed.

  3. Wonderful pics of the show! Thanks for sharing...we went today and I loved it! Great variety of quilts...lots of favorites!


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