Sunday, July 22, 2012

FreeMotion Challenge - July

The FreeMotion Challenge for July was presented by Angela Walters.  Angela explained her method of FMQ called "Tiles".
It looked easy but when I got to the machine, FAIL!  I can't sew straight in free motion so I had to draw my boxes first. And I think that threw me off,  and I got lost a few times.    
I love the look so much though.  I need to practice more.  This photo was my second attempt. 
Thanks to Angela for the wonderful tutorial and all the info.

Here's a few shots of low tide on the Minas Basin at Grand Pre, at the head of the Bay of Fundy,  actually Evangeline Beach area.  It was an outstanding day in the Valley yesterday. The clouds were amazing.  Took these pics with my cell phone.   Of course, stopped at Avonport Discount and did not come out emptyhanded!  I am making a new quilt for one of my sons, he totally ruined the last one I made him.  He wraps it around himself a few times and then lounges around like that so it takes a lot of abuse.  I didnt have enough of a teal solid that I needed so I had to buy more.


  1. It gorgeous! I think you did a fantastic job :)

  2. Wonderful FMQ Linda , I didn't get to this so far this month. I bet you enjoyed Avonport :-)

  3. Your FMQ is looking good! I hate to practice which is my downfall!
    Wasn't the Bay of Fundy in the running for the new wonders of the world last year?

  4. I think it looks great too!

  5. Your FMQ is beautiful! I think straight lines are hard too!

  6. That's a low, low tide!! My housemate tells me that that is whee the sandpipers feed by the millions!! I'd like to see that! Linda, I am so impressed with your FMQ! I really need to get a foot so I can give it a go!


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