Thursday, June 21, 2012

Travelling Jane's Adventure Continues...

After spending time with me in Halifax, and attending Quilt Canada 2012," Travelling Jane" is on her way to Bedell, New Brunswick, to spend some time with Shelley of Red Quilts.  Bedell is just outside Woodstock.  The Town of Woodstock is just under 100 kms west of Fredericton, the capital city of New Brunswick, close to the Canada/US border at Houlton, Maine.

 It was fun while it lasted Jane. You can read all about my and Jane's adventure here and there is also a link to Heather's blog  in my post so you can get the full story behind this travelling mini-quilt.  Heather is the creator of the idea and the maker of the travelling Jane Austen mini-quilt.  

Enjoy New Brunswick Jane...I know you will!


  1. Interesting , I had no idea Jane was a traveling gal , hope she enjoys New Brunswick I am sure she will :-)

  2. Jane has quite an adventure coming up! But I bet her Quilt Canada trip will always be a highlight!

  3. Jane is going to have such a fun time joining Shelley and her family on vacation. Thanks for sending her on her way.

  4. HI Linda, you can enter Jane's photos in the contest at this link by June 30. Some very good prizes available.!/pages/All-Around-the-World-with-Jane/364290683585741 Facebook account is required though.


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