Wednesday, May 16, 2012

It's Wednesday!

Wednesdays roll around way too quickly!  I have made progress on my RRCB (Roll, Roll Cotton Boll).  The FMQ is finished...binding is made and ready to be attached.  Still can't say that I like this quilt so I am hoping I will love it when it comes out of the dryer.

This past Saturday, I was pleased to be able to meet and shake hands with a fellow quilty blogger, Jeanette from Stamp.Stitch.Create.  We discovered each other's blogs by linking up on TN&TN.   Jeanette had a sale of her handmade items at the Dartmouth Farmer's Market at Alderney Landing and I was happy to stop by and meet her and see all her wonderful items in person.  I bought a gorgeous little zippered bag that just screamed out to me.  It now contains my videocamera and accesssories.  Perfect!  It was my first time attending the Market in Dartmouth and I will be sure to return.
This is the Ferry just arriving at Alderney Landing from Halifax. 

I am linking up with TN&TN, so stop by and check out what is happening. 


  1. I love your Roll, Roll Cotton Boll quilt! I'll just bet when it comes out of the dryer you will love it too!

  2. Hi Linda! I was checking out the link ups this week and recognized the pouch I made. So nice to meet you at the Market!

  3. Great pouch! And your RRCB is looking good -- can't wait to see it all crinkly!

  4. Washing and drying works some kind of magic on quilts. I'd be surprised if you don't luv it.

  5. I always love the change washing and drying brings to a quilt.

  6. Good for you in persisting with finishing a quilt you don't like 100% - these usually become ufos around here. Hope you'll like it once finished.


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