Thursday, March 15, 2012

Tradition Tuesday Sampler Quilt-along

Block #1 - CrossBlock #2 - Log CabinBlock #3 - Rail FenceBlock #4 - Churn DashBlock #5 - Sawtooth StarBlock #6 - Mosaic
Block #7 - TTSamplerTTS QAL - PinwheelBlock #9 - TTSTraditional Tuesday QAL Bowtie- TTSTTS - Block #12 - Winged square
001003TTS - square in a square (with appliqued pinwheel)  TTS - Quarter Square Triangle005001
24 Tuesdays! I am enjoying this QAL with Jenifer from 42 quilts. I am using up blue scraps with a sprinkling of red. After 24 weeks I am still not sure where I am going with this. I am just making blocks and at some point I will decide what I will do with them.


  1. They are going to make a wonderful quilt (or two!).

  2. Love these blocks Linda , this will make a very interesting quilt .

  3. There's a lot of really nifty blocks in there. I bet this has been fun to do!

  4. Great block assortment. That touch of red is perfect.

  5. They do look very nice together!


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