Wednesday, February 8, 2012

February Feathers!

This is my fav. I really took my time doing this one.

At the 2012 FreeMotion Challenge, hosted by SewCalGal, feathers are in!  Diane Gaudynski is the expert of the month. And you sure have to be expert to make the feathers that she creates with her free-motion skill.  I had practiced feathers last year, so I had a feel for them. I practiced the technique in the tutorial and it became a bit easier each time. I found my biggest problem is going too fast!  When I slow down and concentrate on keeping an even speed, I do a lot better.  I have had to start using my machine's speed control function to cure this problem.  I used Masterpiece 50#/2 top and bottom and a #80 topstitch needles.    Diane's instructions are great and she gives some wonderful hints for successful FMQ. Check out her blog here. I visit often. 


  1. Linda your feathers are wonderful ,haven't had a chance to try them but did read the tutorial ,time to try them out.

  2. Your feathers are great!
    Diane's work is pretty unbelievable, isn't it?

  3. Linda your feathers are amazing. I might just go and see the tutorial and save it for when I feel ready to do something as complicated at that.

    By the way if you look on my blog you will see I have give you a very well deserved award. Please accept this and follow what it says to do.


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