Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Blog Hop Party Wins

Remember back in December....The Blog Hop Party hosted by Quilting Gallery...well, I won...twice!

First, from Kathy's Quilts,
I won a Rapid Fire Hunter's Star acrylic template/ruler by Deb Tucker, plus the instruction booklet.  I have always been meaning to make this quilt pattern, so now I have the tool to do it.  I love the technique using this template and four sizes can be sewn. There is a great video on YouTube where Deb Tucker demonstrates how to use this template/ruler.  This is certainly a quilt I will make.  Thanks so much Kathy.

Second, from Val at Farne Designs in Cornwall, UK

 Two of her gorgeous hand dyed fat quarters.  The colours are awesome.  I have a very small collection of hand dyes from Malaysia as well as a few that I tried to produce myself.  Mine are OK, but nothing like Val's.  If you like hand dyed fabrics, check out her website because she has some stunners for sale.  Thanks so much Val. I will put these pretties to good use. 


  1. Thank you for the good remarks re the fabric. I'm glad you enjoyed it!You will have to show me what you use it for! You must have a lucky streak to win twice! :-)

  2. You're welcome :)
    I enjoyed using it, and hope you enjoy it too!

  3. Lucky you , both great prizes , have fun using them.


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