Thursday, December 15, 2011

Square #22 - Diagonal Weave

Finally, 5 weeks later, I got around to finishing Square #22 of the Barbara Walker Learn to Knit Afghan.  While knitting this pattern you will learn that slip-stitches can be moved over a couple of stitches to the left or right, when they are being picked up for re-knitting.  It is not hard to do but I found it kind of scary the first few times that I had to drop stitches on purpose and then pick them up a few stitches away.  But, I got the hang of it and enjoyed it very much.


  1. It is a lovely block , looks so complicated , I have not knit in years but after Christmas hope to learn to knit socks :-)

  2. This block is wonderful.

    Thanks for the recipe. Sounds fun. Do you use the white marshmallows or the coloured ones?


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