Wednesday, October 5, 2011

My Blue Scrap Bin

I saw another interesting quilt-along online. It is called Traditional Tuesday Sampler.  It began three weeks ago so I spent a few hours catching up.  I wanted to try a blue and white quilt so I got out my blue scrap bin (well, one of my blue scrap bins anyway!)  
Block #1 - Cross

Block #2 - Log Cabin

Block # 3 - Rail Fence
I will be using every shade of blue with white as the background fabric.  There are 64 - 6" finished blocks  You can read about it here. It is hosted by Jenifer of Forty-Two Quilts.  She is also hosting a modern sampler quilt-along on Mondays if interested. 


  1. I am enchanted by the blues in your blocks so far - and they are all in your scrap bin? What fun is that! Glad you joined me in Flickr - I was beginning to feel like that teenage girl who held a party and no one showed up. (lol)

  2. Not that I NEED another sew-along... but I just wanted to let you know how much I love your blue blocks.
    Have fun with the quilt-a-long.
    Now I'll just go and "look" and "read" about the TTS.


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