Saturday, October 15, 2011

A little stitchery

I just put the finishing touches on this apron that will be a gift for my Mother.  She loves aprons and wears them alot so I know she will love this one.  This apron was a Martha Stewart kit that I found at Michael's.  It was very pricey to start with but had been marked down to just a few dollars.  The apron is really nice quality and I love the construction.  The tie for the neck and waist is all one piece and slips through casings on both sides of the underarm area so it is easy to adjust the length that goes around the neck.  Great idea!  I have to wear an apron at work and I hate how it pulls on my neck. Maybe I will suggest that next time they make us new aprons, to try this style.   The embroidery floss and needle was included in the kit as well as detailed instructions for stitching. Great for a beginner.  I do love to embroider.  I haven't done any for a while.  This was a fun little project and I hope it will be well used. I can hear my Mother saying, "I can't wear that, it's too nice!!"                       


  1. It's adorable. She will love it!! I, too, love the style! Be careful, if you suggest the change to the powers that be at work, they may ask you to make all new ones!!

  2. I built a tall wooden box that looks like a birdhouse for my change. It's about half full, and makes a great door stop, but wow, I never thought about using it for fabrics. Hummmm... Now my mind it turning!! :-) :-) probably not a good thing either. hahahahaha Lovely fabrics, thanks for the inspiration!! My hubby will hate you, but I promise not to tell whos' idea it was!! :-)


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