Thursday, October 27, 2011

Fun with Blocks

  Here's what I have been making over the last two days. I am now making blocks for three quilt-alongs. 

Block #6 - Traditional Tuesday Sampler QAL

Block #2 - Blogger's BOM

Block #1 - 12 Days of Christmas QAL

  Block #2 - 12 Days of Christmas QAL    


  1. Aren't quilt-alongs great?! Love your blocks Linda. I chickened out on the Christmas one - I would have had to give up eating, sleeping or showering to fit in another project. I was unwilling to sacrifice the first two - and the third might make me too unpopular.

  2. Hi Linda from Nova Scotia! It's great to meet new faces. Thanks for following along. The table runner is sold already.


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