Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A Finish!! "Christmas in Malaysia"

How time flies!!  This project was supposed to have been finished and gifted and in Kuala Lumpur three weeks ago!!  Oh well, it will still make it there for Christmas.  Plan B is to send it to my nephew in Kingston, Ontario and he can take it to KL with him when he leaves to go home for Christmas.  While my sister was here visiting we were so busy with family and visiting that I just didnt get the time to finish it to give it to her to take home.
"Christmas in Malaysia" - a Karen Neary design
This was a fun project. If you scroll down a bit you can read more about it on a previous post. I used Wonderfil Invisifil thread on the top and DecoBob on the bottom.  The backing fabric is an old Hoffman. I would love to know what year this is from, it was gifted to me and I can only guess that it is over ten years old. 


  1. That is just stunning Linda. Wow! They are just going to be thrilled with this beauty. I love the pattern and the quilting. Beautiful!

  2. Oh my... - how did I miss this post? I came back to look at your pictures again and scrolled further down your page. Linda, this is a stunner. I will be back later for another peek, but I sure like what I see. Well done :)


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