Sunday, September 25, 2011

Another Awesome Day on the Waterfront

Statue of Samel Cunard with Queen Elizabeth in background

I had two reasons to visit the Halifax Waterfront today. Make that three reasons.....I needed a good brisk walk as I have been doing a lot of sitting/quilting lately.....I wanted to get a look at the Queen Elizabeth oceanliner
and I wanted to stop by the Word on The Street fair to meet a quilting blogger buddy, Riel Nason from Quispamsis, N. B.  She has just published her first novel,The Town That Drowned and was giving a reading. I thought it was a great opportunity to stop by and meet her. I really love her quilts and her creativity. Unfortunately, my camera died and I only got one pic.


  1. SO great to meet you Linda!!! :-) My pictures are horrible. We are both waving our hands around and look silly, hee hee. I am posting about WOTS today on the blog. Riel

  2. I am so pleased to find your site as I am also a quilter and have the most wonderful memories of a visit to Halifax way back in 1987! I met a lot of lovely quilters there, I still have the fridge magnet, great photos and happy feelings! I look forward to reading more of what is happening there. Regards, June


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