Saturday, August 27, 2011

Mum and Me

"Hearts and Flowers"

If you plan on stopping by (and voting) at The Weekly Quilt Contest , you will notice one of my quilts.    The theme this week is Embroidered Quilts.  I entered a quilt that My Mother and I worked on together. It's called "Hearts and Flowers".  Mum did the Xstitching and I completed the sewing and handquilting.  I have tried to talk Mum (who will be 80 soon) into learning how to handquilt and then maybe she could help me with all the quilt tops I have that need to be quilted.  But she loves to embroider and she has a few projects on the go now. I am working on making a quilt top from blocks that she embroidered in blues on a white background. It will be beautiful when complete.
Tablecloth - Made for Me!

One more that needs to be quilted                                                                                                              
The quilt holder was being a pain so I didnt get a good shot of this one.

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