Sunday, August 14, 2011

I am happy now!

This is a beautiful Philip Jacobs I bought 16 colours. It is called Moon Flower

This time last year I was crying about not being able to find Kaffe Fassett fabrics within a reasonable driving distance from my home in Halifax.  Well, I am happy now because I have two options within an hours drive and I took advantage this past week.  My collection is growing! I know you can order on-line, and I do, but the fabric experience just isnt the same when you simply click away.  I still want to look and touch and ooh and aah, especially if you have a quilty buddy tagging along.  She will understand, your non-quilty buddies just don`t get it.
This Kaffe is called Cloissonne


  1. I see a very colorful quilt in your very near future!

  2. I totally agree with you. Shopping online is not a very satisfying experience. I love walking into a quilt store and seeing all the fabrics lined up on shelves, quilt samples on the walls, racks of threads. I want the total experience. Clicking on a fabric choice is definitely not the same as pulling a bolt off the shelf and being able to stroke the fabric!

  3. OK, so I'm curious Linda. Where, pray tell, are the two options within an hour of Hfx.?? One must be Avonport, what's the other??? I'll need to know before my next visit..

  4. Linda, thanks so much for letting me know about Suttles and Seawinds. I was in Lunenburg this past weekend and of course we stopped in Mahone Bay to visit S&S. I had not been there for years... They do have a very nice selection, although less now...haha. The three of us did some significant "damage"...


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