Friday, July 1, 2011

Happy Canada Day!

Its a beautiful, sunny and warm Canada Day.  Today is also my 34th Wedding Anniversary so the Hub and I are enjoying a lovely day together.  We had a wonderful, romantic dinner last night at Cafe Chianti.  A few years ago their original location was destroyed by fire so they moved around the corner to a new location on  Barrington Street. The food is amazing and the service is awesome.
Here is a pic of a quilt I made for one of my nephews. It is called "Canadian Snowball". I was inspired to make this quilt from a pattern in "Nova Scotia Patchwork Patterns" by Carter Houck.  I used templates and I hand quilted it.    The binding is New Brunswick tartan. My nephew's paternal ancestors came from the Rothesay area.  I made this quilt for him five years ago when he was living in Holland. He is 21 now and living in Kingston, Ont. attending Queen's University, studying to become a Chemical Engineer.  He was born in Calgary, Alberta and has been living overseas for several years but is still a proud Canadian kid! So this quilt commemorates Canada, from me to him.


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