Thursday, April 28, 2011

My FMQ Challenge progress

I am keeping up with my promise to machine quilt every day for 14 consecutive days. Its the half way point today.  I have tried making feathers and I feel pretty good about them now.  I also tried a feathered wreath and found that fun too.  I have also been working on quilting my pink string quilt.  It is slow going. I find with all the bias seams in a string quilt, there is still a lot of stretching while machine quilting along the surface., even though I handbasted it quite heavily.  The backing is still perfectly flat, no puckering at all, but the top requires a lot of attention while quilting, so I have to take it slow.  I didnt have this problem when I quilted my Blue and Yellow String last year.  Click on this to check my progress. 

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  1. Wow, wow,wow!!! Your feathers look fabulous, Linda!!


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