Friday, March 11, 2011

Nice Surprise!

When I checked the mailbox this morning I found this lovely quilted postcard.  It was mailed to me by a very nice lady I met in a quilt shop a few weeks ago.  We started to talk and she showed me a few of her quilted postcards.  She laughed as she showed me one that she had mistakenly addressed to Linda (She doesnt know a Linda) She meant to write another name but instead wrote Linda. Anyway, she said I dont know any Lindas to give it to so I cant send it anywhere.  So of course I said, Hey, funny thing, my name is Linda.  So she said give me your address and I will send it to you! How nice.  It is so cute. Her work is impeccable.  The tiny snowflakes are stitched down perfectly and the tiny pearl seed beads add such a sparkly look. I love it!


  1. Great postcard Linda. I'll add a link to it on my postcard blog.

  2. What a neat story - that was SO meant to be!!

  3. As the sender of the postcard I had a "nice surprise" myself.
    I wasn't expecting the wonderful thank you card and beautiful batik fat quarter you sent. I'm fairly new to quilting and I'm continually surprised by the generosity and support of more experienced quilters like yourself.


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